The Unlimited Monthly Open Mic Pass

Our theater wants to provide as much quality stage time as possible for up-and-coming and veteran comedians striving to improve their craft here in Orange County.

We think we do a pretty good job of this by providing as many as 3 to 5 slotted open mics a week.
We are a business and have to pay rent, electricity, insurance and numerous other expenses, so we charge to perform at our mics.
However, we know we have a lot of comics who enjoy performing at our theater more than once or twice a week and that paying for mic spots every show can get expensive.

So, starting today we’re offering a monthly Unlimited Slotted Mic Pass.

For one low price paid at the beginning of each month (or at any point during) you can perform on as many of our slotted open mics that month as you wish.

Your pass for October can be purchased here:

We think it’s a terrific deal and will be helpful to performers working on getting up on stage as many times as possible each week.

Sign up for your pass today if you want to save money and commit to working on your craft while helping support a venue that works to support live comedy in Orange County.

Thank you very much.